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September 4th 2016 – More 40 Ford and More Comet

Well this time it hasn’t been six months since I wrote something new on the front page. We have had a lot going on in our community this summer. We had some flooding (Fremont, NE) as did a number of towns all over the Midwest. A lot of rain this year. So – we spent some time in the basement rather than in the shop. On top of that, this getting older slows a guy down.

Last time I wrote about the 40 Ford Coupe I bought. Well, I got a door off for repair, a new battery ready but still playing with some wiring before putting current to anything. A lot of really bad wires, so am trying to avoid setting the whole thing on fire. For engine test I think I will wire the coil hot and not hook any other electrical. I have only worked at “sizing up” the rusty floor repair. Seeing that I am not looking to restore, but just to get a nice driver, I want to repair or replace the bad stuff and just clean, repair and stop rust in the rest of the floors. Maybe a big job for one of the rust inhibitors on the market.

We stored most of the basement stuff around the Comet in one bay of our garage. Not much got done directly on the Comet, but several things did move along. I bought new rear springs and new front springs and they are on hand. We have the rear end up to go to a repair expert to redo the center section. This is an eight inch Ford posi-tract rear end with a few real clunks when it turns. We’ll see what it takes to fix it. The ’40 Ford Coupe ended up needing a battery ground cable as well as a new cable to the solenoid. I wanted to keep the big flat woven 6 volt ground cable. The cable end that fastened to the head as a ground bolt immediately pulled off the woven mesh and the hole for the head bolt was such a tight fit that the end had to be screwed off the bolt. Now we have a little larger hole, a bunch of solder and a hope that it will provide a very low resistance ground.

We finally were able to get a title to the Fifty Ford tudor. This was encouraging as we have a fairly rust free floor – got it in AZ as reported earlier – and a 351 Windsor Small Block Ford with an automatic transmission that together may be the beginnings of a fun car. Still have the stock flathead and transmission as well. The engine is stuck so much more work to see if it is good. That may be fine to see if there is a usable flathead, but for this car I can see it as patina driver with later model engine and transmission.