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Last time I wrote for Car Talk it was winter of 2013-14. I was working on a pickup for a friend and the Honda Civic I had acquired by accident. Well, not exactly, a friend had it but wanted rid of it, and the price was cheap, and the rest is history. After getting it running good, I gave it away. There is always someone with a greater need. I was going pretty slow that winter and into spring I had to see the Oncologist. Stage four lymphoma! That set me back a bad year.

From April of 2014 to date I have been trying to survive and seem to have made it. Praise God, I have a remission and am getting some strength back. So, where does that leave the cars and car projects? Mostly progressing, little bits at a time. The Chevy pickup went home last fall, 2014, and some focus has returned to the1965 Cyclone , the Model T roadster and it’s hot rod partner.

The flatheads on hand all need to be magnafluxed or they need to have minor cracks repaired. Usually I won’t sell a repaired engine as it is the machine shop that is responsible and even if I thing its ok, unless it has run and proven not to have any leaks or problems one does not know for sure that it is ok. However, crack free engines are a bit hard to find, SF Flatheads has the real good stuff ( but they are not cheap, nor should they be. Cheap flatheads are usually just that. I bought four engines the last time I found some. So far, two may be usable and two have serious cracks. Even one of the usable ones has a couple of small but fixable cracks. With the cost of cleaning and magnufluxing , not counting any labor for disassembly, I have about $600 in this deal. If I can fix the one blocks cracks and use it I will have about “$350 to $400 per block again not counting any labor. Flatheads that are any good, aren’t cheap. And I can understand the problems many find with getting a machine shop to do anything on a flathead. I use a shop that is pretty knowledgeable about flatheads. But having them find time over the many diesel and other “need right now” business job s they do, gets pretty hard.

The parts list at has a lot of miscellaneous stuff. But if you are looking for something you may want to check it out. One of these days it will likely all go at auction in Fremont, Ne and most of you won’t be here. Buy it now at less than auction prices. Remember we are doing the $20.00 plus shipping and handling for anything on the list. We will send pictures and descriptions to make sure you know what you are getting. E-mail

Thanks, and keep the old ones rolling. ------------ Al