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Allen Prosch 1945 - 2017

Allen Prosch, owner of Creative Classic Cars, passed away on May 20, 2017.

If you are interested in any of the vehicles or parts on these pages, please contact the estate at

1950 Ford 2-Door Project

I have never considered selling any of my projects. I always hoped to be able to get to them and finish them myself. Well, age and health have caught up with me. Maybe God just wants to point out that I can plan, but He directs my path. Anyway, I am considering selling some of the cars in pieces and parts.

I am going to start with this 1950 Ford. It is a two door sedan. It needed a floor and come with “no title.” The rust floors can be replaced, the “no title” is another matter. I talked with the seller and he told me the previous owner had a title but had lost it. The records showed the car in that owners name. However, the husband had passed away and the wife didn’t know anything about it. I bought the car on the story because my Dad had a new 1950 Ford like this one when I was about 5 or 6 years old. It took about 3 years and lots of letters with the surviving spouse, plus phone calls with her son, but we finally did get the title and now have the car titled in our name. Thanks to my wife for lots of the phone conversations.

So here are the project details, if you are interested. We have a floor from a rust free AZ parts yard. It is not installed by is complete and will fix the biggest issue in this car.

The interior of the car is all gone. But, as shown in this picture, (below) the rocker panels are fairly good. All of this leads me to believe this is a fixable project car. I have one more piece to what I think would make this a fun project. While the flathead is in the car, it is stuck. I have no idea, at this point, if it is cracked or what? But it would need complete rebuilding at the least. So rather than that: how about a 351 Ford Windsor and the matching transmission? Do the floor and some other dents and dings and leave the patina. It will need some glass and other repair. Things like brakes, with the engine swap maybe a heavier rear end, and upholstery of some kind. Over all most of the car is there and while needing cleaning up may or may not need major restoration depending on what you want to build. We will be taking the flathead out this spring, so it can easily go either way. We can likely find a 9 inch ford rear end.

Anyway, what do think? Interested?