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Wet Basements and Car Projects

We are finally getting past the wet basement and moving stuff out of the garage. Hopefully we will soon have room to straighten up the garage and get back to the Comet and the í40 Ford. It has been a long slow project as the basement was completely redone. We farmed out the laying of the new floor and building of new cabinets but did the rest ourselves with the help of friends.

The car projects have been going slow. We got the battery cables all renewed and saved the original flat woven ground strap. That allowed getting the í40 Ford Coupe cranked over and the starter and battery are good. The solenoid is bad, so got a new one and replacing that is next on the list. The brakes all need to be redone as does the master cylinder. The missing floor on the driver side gives good access to the brake clutch pedal assembly so I plan to take it apart at this time and renew all bushings as well as clean up and repaint them.

Other than the floor the repairs on the í40 Coupe are mostly just neglected maintenance. We have used taillight lens but will remove the assemblies first and make sure they are clean and well grounded. I donít plan to restore this car. It is an original that was not maintained and sat in shed for many years. I want it to run and drive well so will work on the engine and the brakes. Wiring will also require some effort as the old stuff is brittle and some of it is loose and hanging under the car. One of the hood hinges needs repaired as does the driver side door. I think the rusty floor and sagging door were part of the reason that this car sold more reasonable. It was an interesting sale and few of the cars brought what I expected. So, I am glad I was there. More later; keep the old cars rolling. Drive them, donít create future barn finds.