Misc. Engines

bare blocks

Bare Blocks

Pre-37 Flatheads

1974 350

  • .040 over
  • Holley on Chevy highrise
  • shorty rams horn headers

Ford 52-53 6 Cyl. Cars, pickups and original stock cars. As is.

1985 Chevy 454

Ford 289 Small block 2 bbl.

Pre=37 Flatheads

1955 Dodge Polyspherical 270 Cubic inch engine.

The poor man's hemi, a hemi with semi hemi heads.

Contact Al@creativeclassiccars for more details or more pictures. We can get them for you. We can deliver these vehicles for a charge of $0.70 per loaded mile. We donít charge for return trips as we try to find something to backhaul. However, hauling fees must be paid in advance. If you decide the vehicle is not what you want we wonít unload it. But, the hauling fee is not refundable.

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Misc. Engines
Misc. Engines
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