Flathead Ford and Mercury V8 Engines

We have updated our flathead Ford and Mercury program. The engines pictured are our clients project engines. All flatheads are checked before sale. We disassemble each engine, have the block and heads checked for cracks and check the internal dimensions. We have encountered a number of clients who have paid from $200 to $500 for used engines, only to find cracked blocks and heads or junk for internal parts. We will try to sell sound parts that have been checked out properly.

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However, this is more expensive. Each engine is sold individually. Our base flathead engine (chedked as above), less accessories like oil filters, clutch, generators and carburetors, is $500. This gets you a block that has been cleaned, checked for cracks (heads checked as well) and the deck and heads surfaced. Internally we will check the crankshaft specs and check if the engine needs rebored. We hope this provides our clients with their moneyís worth.

At this time we are relisting engines that are sound and have the basic work done. We can do additional work or complete a rebuild, if you desire. We do not guarantee engines as we are not a pro-shop and prefer you have your own builders (or do it yourself, itís more fun anyway). But we have had some clients who donít find shops that still do flathead stuff. Those sticky valves are just too much fun.

As we rebuild our inventory, we hope to have on hand the block and heads, or rebuilt engine you desire. As of this time we will be listing for sale only those engines that are checked and we feel are salable.
  • Many extra heads, manifolds, flywheels, cranks, clutches (these are all as is used parts)
  • One 2X2 intake. Stock generator bolt/mount is gone. Run with accessory kit for generator /alternator and accessory fan. $200
  • 8BA with reground crank and will run with stock pistons. $700
Contact Al@creativeclassiccars for more details or more pictures. We can get them for you. We can deliver these vehicles for a charge of $0.70 per loaded mile. We donít charge for return trips as we try to find something to backhaul. However, hauling fees must be paid in advance. If you decide the vehicle is not what you want we wonít unload it. But, the hauling fee is not refundable.

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