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Summer 2014

I want to apologize first of all. If I left anyone hanging on an expectation, I am sorry. While cancer is not a choice, like a vacation, I do apologize for my inability to get to you in a timely manner.

I am not going to commit to building anything on order as it rarely has worked well, and I canít assure that I can complete a commitment. Instead, as things are available they will be listed in the searchable inventory. When we add then, we will try to get them on the home page so you know what is new.

There is a lot of stuff, both new, nos and used in the inventory. Go spend to time with the listings at If there are parts to fill your need, or to your liking, e-mail We are pretty reasonable on all pricing. I would rather you have it than haul it to All-Metals. Once gone it is gone!!

Which brings us to this incomplete Whippet four cylinder engine and a matching transmission. It is all to go for basically weigh up price of old iron. Can you use any of it? Let me know if your interested. These parts came with a 27 tudor that my Dad bought. It came with a six cylinder that had a hole through the block and the seller was going to put in the four. We welded the six block, rebuilt it and you can see it run at

Again I would like to sell these Whippet parts for iron weigh up price. If you are interested e-mail at We will weigh the engine and transmission and get the current iron bid. That will determine the price. We can help with the shipping and handling. Do you want to rescue the Whippet parts?