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A while back I noted that we would sell any of these parts for $20.00 plus shipping and handling. I also stated that, if you felt that was too high, send us an e-mail and let us know what you will give. We appreciate all offers, even if we donít accept all offers. Yes sometimes we know things have value just because of age or collectability.

As an example, check out these old Chevy ignition parts. Some persons might just collect the boxes as all these parts go back to the late 20ís. The #509514 box may be too rough but the others are pretty nice. Again these parts are $20 each or send an e-mail.

Another item that there should be a user for is this 301 GMC water pump. This is remanufactured and never been used since. Could the seals be bad, sure but so could the ones in a pump that has been sitting at the auto parts store. You wonít get one with the new pulley for $20.00. I donít know the application for this pulley as there are a number of different belt/fan combinations. But new may be worth it so you can return it if it leaks.

e-mail with your thoughts. Thanks ---- Al