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1955 Dodge Lancer 2 Door Hardtop

Yes, its a Hemi. Actually the 270 Hemi for 1955 was not much of a powerhouse, but still it had potential. Only 270 Cubic inches; it was the baby of the Hemi family. The Chrysler (according to my data) started Hemi life in 1951 at 331 Cubic inches, Desoto in 1955 with 291 Cubic inches and Dodge in 1953 with 241 Cubic inches. However, remember, in 1955 Chevy just came out with the 265 Cubic inch small block, and Fords ran a base 272 Cubic inch Y-block.

This Dodge came by way of Minnesota and suffered northern rust belt rust. I am not sure northern rust belt rust is much different than southern rust belt rust, but the picture here is a little misleading. When the doors and front seat were removed there was little left from the toe boards to the rear seat cross brace in the floor. Rockers and flat floors pretty well gone; but the transmission / driveshaft tunnel is very solid. There is enough to save the car, but not in an economical sense. Shop hours alone would likely put you over what a restorable 55 Lancer HT is worth. And getting the rust out really just gets you back to a restorable car, say a number 4 or 5 car, depending on your choice of rating systems.

Our donor car will have to give up and lot of floor and rockers, quarters and such but we have enough to fix the hardtop so well give it a shot. We have some projects in front of this one, so it will be awhile but it should be a challenge and fun to save this Dodge, and yes it is always fun to fix up a Hemi.