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Again the time passes too fast. April 1, 2016

Several things have happened since I last updated this page. I took a trip to Desert Valley Auto Parts (DVAP) in Phoenix. I dropped my trailer there and then went to visit family in California. Had a great family time and then came back to DVAP to pick up the trailer and the back of a Comet and a ’50 Ford floor pan. I have to say, the guys out a DVAP were really good to work with. They got things on the trailer in short order and my wife headed for Albuquerque to route I-40 and back to Nebraska. The parts were cut just like I needed them and the rust free part was really good to see when I am used to Nebraska rust.

The parts are for the Comet that has been on the home page. You can check it out on the Comets page. (Address for old home page.) All I need to do now is get the parts off the flat trailer and into the garage in a way that allows me to cut out the needed floor and such. You can see the front of the ’50 Ford floor pan in the lower right of the photo. This part is intended for this Ford.

My dad bought a black tudor in the fall of 50 as his first ever new car. This isn’t the same car but it likely came from the same Ford dealer in our home town. So close enough to be special. This car will get a 351 Ford with an automatic and then we’ll put in the new floor and match it to the transmission hump needs as we install it. The really great part of all this, while I have had the 50 for some time I had not been able to get the title. I took a chance, while on our trip to AZ, and bought the rust free floor. When I got home the title was in the mail. I just say thanks God. Seems after several years the elderly lady that had sold the car took the time to get a duplicate title and send it to me. How blessed is that!