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Mixed Make Parts

Please check out the parts list. We have a lot of stuff. From an early Buick front motor mount to a remanufactured 301 GMC water pump. We want to put these parts into the hands of car guys and gals. So here is the deal. We will sell any part on the list for $20.00. Yep, one price (like the dollar store) - $20.00 for anything on the list. If you want pictures and more information, e-mail is best but the phone works, sometimes. {always depends on the great nationwide coverage}

You find something you feel should be a different, letís talk it over. Prices can be negotiated. We have to have $5.00 shipping and handling plus the price of postage, ups or fed x.

If your search does not get what you need, download the list here. There is a good choice and some added items coming up. Some of these items will be hard to find. For example the early Delco Remey ignition parts (unopened boxes) are not likely to be found elsewhere.

Good shopping --------- Al