While we have some project cars to sell, we also will help you locate, recover, and prepare a project car.

What is involved in doing this? Well, first of all, unless you have the cash to lay out for a finished car, you likely need to start with a car that needs work. That can be a No. 2 to No. 6 car, depending on the scoring system you use. We use the guides from Old Cars Weekly and the Old Cars Pocket Price Guide. Essentially it doesn’t matter which scoring system you use; it does matter that you stay consistent so you can compare previous prices to current prices. The categories in the Old Cars Pocket Price Guide are, 1) Excellent, 2) Fine, 3) Very good, 4) Good, 5) Restorable, 6) Parts car. Sometimes, a parts car may be restorable if you can do a lot of work, or get it done or the car has enough value (either to you or to the market) that it is worth saving regardless of condition.

On the other hand, you may be able to ignore price, and just buy or build (have built) what you want. But, many of us (maybe most?) can not ignore the cost of having an older classic or muscle car. By the way, are classic cars also sometimes muscle cars and most muscle cars also classic cars, or do you believe in sticking to age guidelines of some of the various auto clubs and sanctioning bodies? I like most anything automotive that can be fun. So tuners can be fun (I donít get involved) pure antiques and old classics are fun and the muscle cars were the cars of my youth.

If you find a project car, but don’t have time to or equipment to get it, and it is a cheaper project that may not justify the cost that of many of the transport outfits need to charge, and perhaps it doesn’t run, so it requires some extra effort give us a call. Perhaps we can help with an individual arrangement you can live with. Also, you may not have a place for a non-running car. We can help you get your project on wheels and mobile if that is what you need. Each project is individually priced to fit the situation. Also, there are no flat hourly rates for any work.

Your Dream CarÖin a Cost Effective and Efficient Package!

Got a real project in mind but no place to have an unlicensed or incomplete car sitting around?

Donít have a trailer equipped to move non-running or partial cars?

Do you need a car recovered from the trees or just picked up at the sellerís lot or home?

Let us help.
Contact Al@creativeclassiccars for more details or more pictures. We can get them for you. We can deliver these vehicles for a charge of $0.70 per loaded mile. We donít charge for return trips as we try to find something to backhaul. However, hauling fees must be paid in advance. If you decide the vehicle is not what you want we wonít unload it. But, the hauling fee is not refundable.